About Blue Door

At Blue Door Oil & Vinegar, we're passionate about food and cooking, and we love simple, healthy ingredients that taste great. We carry some of the world's highest-quality extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars, and it brings us so much joy to share them with our customers. 

Our Roots

When we experienced a fresh olive oil tasting for the first time, we knew we wanted to bring this concept to our city. We opened Blue Door Oil & Vinegar in Calgary in 2012. Eating healthy meals with real ingredients is important to us. When we discovered how simple cooking could be with a splash of a delicious fresh olive oil or a drizzle of balsamic, there was no turning back. 


Our Olive Oils

Our extra virgin olive oils are fresh, made with olives picked and crushed at the right time - and that makes a world of difference! Not only does our olive oil taste better than most because it's fresh, but it's also higher in polyphenols - the stuff that makes olive oil famous for its health benefits.

Our Balsamic Vinegars

Good olive oil tastes incredible on its own, but when its paired with the right balsamic, something magical happens. Our balsamic vinegars are all-natural and authentic with no added sugars or thickeners. 


We hope you love our oils and vinegars and the rest of our carefully selected goodies as much as we do.

-Bruce and Courtney