Favuzzi Italian Stallion Espresso Beans
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Favuzzi Italian Stallion Espresso Beans

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The Italian Stallion coffee is the strongest in the Favuzzi family. It will delight ristrettos lovers and anyone looking for a strong coffee taste in a preparation with milk (flat white coffee, affogato coffee).

This type of Italian-style roasting is characterized by a longer roasting time of 18 to 20 minutes at low temperatures (190°C to 230°C [375°F to 445°F]). Slow roasting allows the beans to be roasted more evenly from the surface to the centre, like a good loaf of bread that is baked slowly to help dissipate the heat. 

Although slow roasting is not the most productive or cost-effective way to roast coffee, it provides several benefits in terms of taste: chocolate and nutty aromas, a comforting taste and a long finish in the mouth.